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Eliminator Super 2000

  • ADJUSTABLE LED Brightness
  • KEEPS TRACK of Battery Life
  • TOP BULB LOCK - NHRA CROSS TALK: Both Top Amber bulbs come on at the same time on a Handicap tree. The 2nd and 3rd Amber bulbs follow their normal sequence.
  • SELECTABLE .000 or .400/.500 perfect reaction time
  • STATISTICS - Average Reaction Time, Best Reaction Time, Lowest Reaction Time, number of red lights, number of wins and losses, review last 10 runs, and more.
  • BUMP DOWN - Popular feature found in most modern delay boxes
  • USER LOG-ON FEATURE- (Saves Individual User Settings) Up to 10 users by name,Race Full Vs. Pro Tree, Set your Rollout, Delay box, Dial in, & more.
  • GRAPHICS DISPLAY - LCD display shows more information on each screen. Dial-In & Delay box show before each run.
  • SHIFT LIGHT FEATURE - 3 Adjustable shift points to measure the accuracy and consistency of your shifts
  • CROSSOVER - Leave off the competitors top bulb or leave on their own top bulbs.
  • 4-tenths or 5-Tenths Tree Speed Setting on Full or Pro Tree
  • Handicaps both the Full Tree and Pro Tree
  • Automatic random handicap in single or dual user modes
  • Compete against the Eliminator - There is a preset reaction time number that you can change to make it easier or more challenging
  • Separate rollout for Pro Tree and Full Tree (it is adjustable by user)
  • Separate delay box for left and right lane
  • Delay box and Dial-in can be adjusted quickly on main practice screen
  • Change quickly, while in Practice mode, from:
  • Full Tree to Pro Tree
  • Single to Dual users
  • Manual to automatic reset
  • Automatic at random start with adjustable fixed delay
  • Display mode - Displays flashing tree sequences Full Tree, Pro Tree, & Handicaps
  • Metal stand for hanging on the wall or standing on desk
  • Powers up from : 9 Volt batteries, wall transformer, or cigarette lighter adapter
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