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P.C. Weather Center Deluxe, No Wind Unit

  • Records and displays Temperature to (.1 degrees F), Pressure to (.01 inHg), and Humidity to (1%)
  • Corrected/Density Altitude calculated and displayed in feet
  • Logs and saves weather data at 1 minute to 24 hour intervals
  • Log and comment on vehicle run data
    • Saves Dial-In, RT, 60ft, 330ft, 660ft, Mid Track MPH, 1000ft, 1320ft, and MPH
    • Allows run data to be saved for multiple vehicles
    • Select and save weather data for each run
  • Predicts ET or throttle stop for up to 3 vehicles
    • Predicts ET/throttle stop based on previous run information
    • Setup to base predicted ET/throttle stop on full or partial runs
    • View ET prediction graphs and tailor graph line to best fit your vehicle
  • Compatible with the Eliminator Super 2000 (Eliminator NOT included)
    • Download/upload weather and race data to the Eliminator Super 2000
    • Connect the Snap-In™ weather module directly to the Eliminator Super 2000 to use as a "Hand Held" weather station
  • Printable weather and race data screens
    • Print current weather conditions
    • Print run or weather data reports
    • Print ET Prediction graphs
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