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Track Messenger

  • User Entry
    • Add/Remove users to all categories or up to 4 categories
    • Enable users for a single race or for a set period of time
    • Setup users to only receive notifications until they lose
    • View/modify user information via a user entry grid (grid can be filtered, making it easier to view)
  • User Import/Export
    • Import or export user data to a text or Excel file
    • Option to import all users to the active email account
    • Option to overwrite existing users if a conflict is found during import
  • Remote Sign Up
    • Users can add or remove themselves from the Track Messenger distribution list by texting or emailing the program’s active email account
    • Users can also request help by texting/emailing the active account
  • Remote Send
    • Users designated as administrators can send messages to one category or all categories via text or email from their phone
  • Send Messages
    • Saves up to 3 messages (100 characters each)
    • View message recipients before send
    • Choose message, category, and message type to send (can select all categories and all info types to send to all active users)
    • Send a private message to a single user
    • View a message log showing all messages sent from the software since it was started
  • Email Account Setup
    • Notifications/messages are sent via an email account
    • Enter up to 5 email accounts
    • Assign active categories to each email account
    • Assign users/message recipients to each email account
    • Automatically check for remote sign ups and sends (can manually check from the Send Message Screen)
    • Note: Some Email Accounts have send limits (limits to the number of messages that can be sent each day), Portatree Track Messenger does not have send limits but would be affected by a send limit on the active Email Account
  • Manage Users
    • Move users between email accounts (delete from one and add to another)
    • Copy users to a new account (create a duplicate copy of the user in a new account)
  • Race Category Setup
    • Enter up to 99 race categories
    • Categories can be enabled or disabled (only activate the categories running at the event)
    • Active categories are saved to each email account
      • Ex. A “Track Operation” email account could only have safety/emt/staging control categories enabled
      • A “Points Day” email account could only have the categories racing for points enabled
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