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Eliminator Competition Software

The Basic Database Software is the main program of the Eliminator Competition Drag Race Software Package.  It includes the Drag Race Program and Post Process Program.  The Post Process Program refers to the Racer Entry, Category Editor, Datalog, and Administrator Editor.

  • Drag Race Software
    • Run Races
      • Enter car numbers and select BYE runs/No Shows
      • Start tree when Auto Start is disabled
      • Signal Eliminator Competition to begin Auto Start procedure when Auto Start is enabled
    • Customize Track Setup
      • Enable/disable sensors
      • Choose MPH or KPH speed trap and set trap distance
      • Setup win lights
    • Perform Track Diagnostics
      • Test all tree and status lights
      • Test sensor alignment
  • Racer Entry
    • Enter all racer, owner, vehicle, and index information
    • Racer accomplishments and family information also stored
  • Category Editor
    • Create & edit up to 99 race categories
    • Each category can have a custom
      • Tree Speed (0.100 to 0.900)
      • Tree Type
      • Finish Type (First Finish, Breakout, or Best Package)
      • Red Light behavior (Dual Red, Real Red)
      • Staging Fault behavior (Super Start)
      • Top Bulb behavior (Normal, Oscillate, or Top Lock)
      • Finish Line location, and
      • Auto Start parameters
        • Auto Start can be enabled or disabled for each category
        • Stage On Time, Stage to Start Time, Random Delay, and Auto Start Delay can be set
    • Option to enter a category index or use a default dial
  • Datalog
    • Review all race information
    • Locate runs
    • Search by racer, RT, MPH, ET, etc
    • Generate basic reports and sorted reports
  • Administrator Editor
    • Allows race operator to review and edit results when necessary
    • Note: Actual timing results cannot be modified

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