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Eliminator Super 2000 Competition Software

The Post Process and Drag Race Software have been developed utilizing Borland International's Delphi for Windows™ Applications. We are very pleased with the performance of this software and recommend it to all tracks that have over 100 entries on any given race day.

    The Main Screen is where all the programs are launched - including:
  • Program Paths: Set up location for Category, Racer, and Results Databases. You can create, copy, or delete a category or racer database. You can create a blank or copy an exiting Racer Database.
  • Category Editor: Edit category name, initials (used for reports), type of Index, Tree Speed and Type, Auto Start, Auto Start Parameters.
  • Racer Database: Enter all racer, owner, vehicle, and index information as well as racer's accomplishments.
  • Datalog: Displays all race information for race days. Can be used to locate certain runs, search by racer, by RT, MPH, ET, etc. Generate reports and Sorted reports.

Racer Entry, Category Editor, Administrator Editor, Datalog, Mailing Lists, Announcer Programs, and the DRAG RACE PROGRAM.

Weather information is an optional software upgrade to the drag race package. Portatree's PC Weather Center Deluxe offers very accurate readings on Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Corrected Altitude (motorsports calculation), Vapor Pressure, Grains of Water, Wind Speed and Wind Direction. All weather information is printed on the time slip and saved in the Results Database in case a record is challenged. (Must purchase PC Weather Center Deluxe - optional)

Auto Start has 4 parameters that can be set for each category in the Category Editor. Stage on Time (this accounts for flickering of the stage beam), Stage to Start, Random Delay Maximum and Max Auto Start Delay, which can all be set in milliseconds. Auto Start can be set On or Off for each category. (Must purchase Auto Start Feature - optional)

We continually update and add new features that will help you run your track more efficiently. There is no doubt that we are in an information age that requires a lot of processing power. The software that we provide will continually be improved for performance and power.

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