PortaTree Timing Systems Testimonials

Portatree would like to thank our customers who have taken the time to write in about our products.
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Rich Potvin, Lost Creek Raceway, MT


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU. We hit a home run this weekend with the team challenge, and the Portatree team made my life as easy as can be. We started racing at 11 A.M. on Saturday morning and finished the event at 1 A.M. Sunday morning. We had over 300 cars, which doesn't sound like much, but we usually average 70. There isn't 100,000 people in a 150 mile radius from where we're at, so we don't get big car counts. But man, the Portatree system worked like no other.”

“Well, we hosted our first race this past weekend, and all I want to say is THANK YOU for an awesome product. We're definitely learning it more and more as each car goes down the track. All of the features are unbelievable, and the racers love how the high resolution comes in when you have close races. So again, just truly want to say thank you for everything the system was promosed to be.”

Clyde Fredrickson, the former Interstate Dragways
(Now under new ownership as Top End Dragways)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Al throughout the years. You have a great product and service. I wish you the best of luck and success in your business and personal lives! I imagine that our paths will cross in the future. I intend to do more racing so I will still be in contact from time to time.”

Island Racing Association, Canada

“The Portatree system arrived sooner than anticipated, giving us a lot of time to figure out how the set up worked. The first weekend was a great success, with 20 drivers showing up to get their time slips, and many more are expected in future weekends. We're really enjoying learning about all the great features, and although we haven't yet mastered the display board, we hope to have it going next race! It's a very nice, user-friendly system, which is great because everyone got a chance to come by for a crash course on operating and setting up, staging lanes, and printing slips. Thanks for all the help you've provided us with, and for a great timing system.”

Kelly Denine
President, Island Racing Association

Pegasus Bay Drag Race Club, New Zealand


“Thank you for your help with the software issue. It is very much appreciated that you were easily available and willing to help out at such short notice. Your service was excellent, and the Southern Nationals drag racing went off without a hitch!”

Hawaii RC Drag Racing, Honolulu

“Thanks for the heads up and helping us out. I have to say that I'm so glad we went with your system. Dealing with you folks is so GREAT! You tech support is so pleasant to deal with, even with my dumb questions.”

Nova Scotia Drag Racers Association


Regarding the newest Pro-Ultimate Software Upgrade, Doug at Nova Scotia Drag Racers Association said, “This newer version of the program is light years ahead of the older stuff we were using. Our announcer now has so much info at hand to yak about, he doesn't know what to do with it all.”

Shakespeare County Raceway - England


“Just a note to say thanks for all the time and effort you guys put into your products. Our original system was bought in 1998, with several upgrades since then and always your support has been excellent. The current product is exceptionally user friendly, with very clear and well laid out user screens, which assist our operators to run all kind of events at our venue. The main race screen is particularly informative of not only the current race but also their status in the qualifying list and the current track status.”

Wayne Schreier
Chief Technician

National Sand Drag Association


“The National Sand Drag Association relies on accurate timing, and Portatree provides this to us. We need precise timing well past one-thousandths of a second to determine winners in our races, and our Portatree system is able to handle this with ease. Al Smyth at Portatree provides second to none technical support, even when needed on race day. This is why Portatree is the official timing system of the National Sand Drag Association.”

Alfonso Zavala "Chachy" - NSDA

Gallay Motorsports LLC


“Bar none Portatree is the best system I have ever used. It makes our races run flawlessly. Excellent products and customer support. Thanks from Eric Gallay”

Scott Minzenmeyer, President, SJM Companies

“Recreational Motorsports builds test track dynos for snowmobiles. These test tracks simulate different track conditions for maximizing clutching and jetting and for testing the effects of performance parts. This is the same test track used by the factory snocross race teams and pro drag racers. We use the Portatree Eliminator on all our dynos. They are very user friendly and are more reliable than any other timer we have tried. Bottom line...THEY WORK!”

“To find out more about Rec Sports test tracks, email us at recmotorshop@wildblue.net.”


Jason Eger

“Been a fan and user of your products for years now... Not only is the product great, but the service and support is also award-winning.”

Jason McClure

“I am writing to say thanks for your excellent hospitality and customer service. Also I want to thank you for making the best products for racing simulation. I am a footbrake racer and use several Portatree products and that has helped improve my racing tremendously! Keep up the great work and customer service.”

Shawn Doucette and Steve Campanale, Positive Noise Racing

“We attended the CMDR (Central Mass Drag Racers Association) Xmas party and entered the practice light challenge. The club has a 2000 and the full size tree. We mowed through the rounds and met in the final, where Steve won 2 out of 3 (but we split the winnings)! It helps to have a 2000 at the race shop! The 2000 with the Snap-in weather station has really paid off. We have won a couple nostalgia races and 2 CMDR points races since using the setup. Actually the very first CMDR race we attended (May 2009), we won. Steve beat Dick Wood in the final with a perfect dial-in. Keep up the good work!”

Terri Sander, Mama's Toy Racing
Queensland, Australia


“I'm 54 years of age, a wife, mother and grandmother, and my passion is drag racing of 17 years. I race in a Rover that we aptly named 'Mama's Toy'. I compete in open competition against males and females, young and old, and just recently claimed the Australian Championship in our Super Street bracket for the 2009/2010 season.

I'm a foot brake racer and have raced this car since 1998. Before this I competed in a 308 HX Premier. I have been to many finals in my racing career and practice using the Portatree Eliminator Super 2000 hooked up to the accelerator pedal on the race vehicle, and I believe this helps me to obtain good reactions when race time comes around. A week out from an event, I jump into the car and practice for about 10 minutes. What a great way to sharpen one's concentration!”

Eddie Wroe, Western Australia

“We've used your PC Weather Center Deluxe in junior dragster racing for a few years and found it to be a useful tool. This year our son has stepped out of junior dragsters and into the senior racing, and we have now found this software to be an absolute lifesaver. It predicts the car perfectly. It's now just a case of trusting the software and not thinking that we know better! Shame it can't do the repairs as well!!”

Tim Dwyer, Oklahoma State University
Pro-Tech Automotive Service Technology


“The Portatree Eliminator Super 2000 Simulator System was used to entertain automotive instructors and parents who brought their students to compete in the 2008 Oklahoma State Skills USA Contest. While the contest was taking place, we provided a mini trade show and incorporated the drag racing simulator to keep people on the trade show floor. Thanks for helping make this happen! We also use the Portatree Simulator in our recruiting efforts as well as student life activities. It's always a big hit! We will be recommending your company to others.”

Andy Warren, NMCA Nostalgia Muscle Car

“I love the weather station/practice tree combo. It has numerous valuable race tools in a small inexpensive package. Once I'm done logging my run, I can hit the tree to stay warmed up. I'm very happy with your product and recommend it to every racer who asks about it. I want to thank you all for assisting with all of the race wins I have had over the past two years.”

Chuck Tyre, Rampage Racing

“Since we purchased the Portatree practice tree, our reaction times have gotten a lot better. The guys use it between every round, and our reaction times have been getting better and more consistent the entire year. It has helped us to gain spots in AMA Drag Bike Street ET and Street Fighter. As a matter of fact, it has become a game around the shop with everybody who comes in. GREAT INVESTMENT!!”

Greg Carter - Proprietor of Pro Auto Performance, Australia


“Portatree Timing Systems has the most efficient service imaginable. I finalized all arrangements to have a shipment picked up from Portatree on a Friday, and the items were here in Perth, Australia, by Tuesday...now that's what I call impressive. If only all companies I deal with were as efficient as Portatree, my life would be so much easier. Portatree is a credit to the drag racing industry, and they're certainly on my Christmas list. I am looking forward to doing business with Portatree again in the near future.”

Okuma America Corporation


“Okuma America Corporation is the primary sponsor for the BME Top Fuel Dragster, and we sponsor hospitality events at eight NHRA races each season. The Portatree simulator is the centerpiece of our hospitality center and always generates a lot of interest and excitement. We have qualifying during the day, and at the end of the day, the top 16 players go head to head, just like the real drivers! The winner gets an Okuma/BME watch and bragging rights for the day! Okuma owns two Portatree Deluxe Simulator Systems, and we use them at trade shows and our distributor open houses. They are always a popular addition to any event. The people at Portatree are very helpful and provide great customer service -- on the rare occasion that we need it. Great product - great company!”

Mike Pustelny @ MPR


“Time doesn't allow me to enter many divisional or national events, which limits the number of runs I can make in a season. I only made 21 runs during the 2007 season and that isn't nearly enough to get better on the tree. Reaction times are still the first step in winning rounds. The only way to compete with the guys that race every week is to practice on a Portatree Eliminator. I use the Eliminator in my motor home, and in the race car so I can even practice in the staging lanes. I also own a Nation Event Tree, which is great to use when the space is available. It's great to use during the off season to stay sharp. It's also fun to challenge friends at a reaction time party. I also like the full-size tree to setup a new car by positioning the tree the same distance from the car as it is at an NHRA event. It's a must when setting up a blinder or practicing outside in the sun, just as if you were at the track. The only way to win rounds and races is to prepare for it and practice does make perfect. The more you do it, the better you get. The better you get, the more you'll win.”

Scott Hall @ Moroso


“I remember when I first used the Eliminator practice tree. Once I used it, I was hooked!!! The Portatree Eliminator practice tree and National Event Tree allowed me to improve my reaction times. But most important, it allowed me to practice my starting line procedure over and over. Like an hour at the driving range, the Eliminator practice tree allows me to "adjust" my hand location and thought process so I'm ready to react. I even use the transbrake adaptor so I can practice in my car.

Al Smyth, founder of Portatree, not only races but he also builds timing systems for many race tracks. He has a complete understanding of rollouts, how drag racing starting lines are setup, and the timing between tree and track. That's knowledge that other companies can't give you.

Portatree's PC Weather Center Deluxe and Paging System is very easy to use and setup, and I was more than impressed with the results. Once the system is setup and several runs are entered in under various weather conditions, it allows you to adjust the degree of prediction by compensation for what YOUR car does, not what the math tells you. In the Northeast the weather changes so fast, a Pager is a must.

Al Smyth and his group listen to the racers and respond with upgrades. I had requested that the weather station give Vapor Pressure readings to help with the tuning of my Injected Alcohol Dragster. In three weeks, I had an upgrade disk and it made a difference.”

Portatree Timing Systems, Inc.
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